Spider Veins

Help You Achieve Clearance From Veins and Hemangiomas in a Whole New Way

The Aerolase Neo Elite® Nd:YAG laser can help you eliminate spider veins and infant hemangiomas in as little as one in-office treatment.

Turn your Embarrassing

Veins and Hemangiomas Into a Clearer Skin

Vascular skin conditions like spider veins and infant hemangiomas, while benign, can make you feel self-conscious, frustrated, anxious, and depressed.

Unfortunately, first-line treatments like compression wear, lifestyle changes, pulsed dye lasers, and sclerotherapy tend to have low patient adherence and/or side effects. Most people end up spending a lot of time and money hiding their condition behind clothing and makeup.

People with vascular skin conditions are desperate to try a different treatment option — something that’s effective, quick, and more tolerable treatments than traditional lasers.

The Aerolase Neo Elite’s Laser

Quickly and Effectively Clears Spider Veins and Infant Hemangiomas

The Neo Elite’s unique 650-microsecond, 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser reduces the appearance of veins and redness — with more tolerable treatments than traditional lasers.

Reduces redness
Deeply-penetrating laser has a high affinity for hemoglobin, helping clear spider veins and hemangiomas.

Destroys vessels.
High power output results in significant energy absorption in the targeted veins and capillaries, leading to destruction or closure of the vessels.

Safe on skin.
Laser energy is delivered in a pulse duration below or close to the thermal relaxation time of human skin tissue, avoiding the overheating of epidermal melanin and the associated potential for pain and side effects.

Helps Clear Facial Telangiectasias

The Neo Elite can effectively and gently reduce the appearance of facial veins.

One study showed the Neo successfully treated facial telangiectasias with a high degree of patient satisfaction, minimal discomfort, and no adverse events.


Helps Clear Leg Telangiectasias

The Neo Elite can be used alone or in combination with sclerotherapy to effectively reduce spider veins on the legs.

A study comparing the use of the Neo combined with microsclerotherapy vs. microsclerotherapy alone showed that the combination therapy:

  • Had significantly reduced complications vs. microsclerotherapy alone.
  • Improved patient compliance and retention vs. microsclerotherapy alone.
  • Was equally effective as microsclerotherapy alone.

Helps Clear Infant Hemangiomas

Even the youngest can benefit from Neo Elite treatments.

In a study of 250 infants with hemangiomas, Neo treatments resulted in a high rate of clearance with no adverse effects

  • Parents were highly satisfied with the results.
  • No complications were observed.
  • Treatments were quick (3-5 minutes) and well-tolerated.


Provides You with a more tolerable treatments than traditional lasers

The Neo Elite’s contactless laser treatments are comfortable for absolutely all skin types — immensely boosting satisfaction. Unlike other aesthetic lasers, the handpiece doesn’t touch the skin and requires no skin cooling.


No side effects like burning or redness


No downtime


Safe for skin of color

The Favorite Laser Device of Skin Care Professionals

The Neo Elite was selected as Favorite Laser Device by DERMASCOPE Magazine’s Aestheticians’ Choice Awards 2015-2021.


92% ‘Worth It’ Rating by patients on RealSelf


95% Customers Satisfaction and ‘Would Refer a Colleague’

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