NEO® Elite by Aerolase

650 Microsecond Technology

At The Lift Bar we utilize the NEO® Elite Laser by Aerolase. Approved to treat 36 different FDA indications, it allows for more personalized and powerful treatment for any age or skin type.


The Technology

Aerolase Neo is the world’s most innovative medical/aesthetic laser

The Aerolase Neo has the ability to perform highly efficacious treatments safely on all skin types, without skin cooling. Truly a first! The Aerolase Neo’s unique, patented 650-microsecond pulse duration delivers the highest fluence (energy/power) of any other medical/aesthetic laser in the world, under the Thermal Relaxation Time (burn threshold) of the skin. The microsecond pulse duration avoids thermally over-stressing the skin and nerve endings, which eliminates treatment pain and diminishes the risk of adverse effects commonly seen with the previous generation of long-pulsed lasers.

Delivering such high energy in a short pulse duration confines the laser’s energy to the targeted chromophore without allowing it to escape to the surrounding skin. This provides several benefits including: more precision in targeting skin maladies, greater disruption to the targeted chromophores in the skin which equates with better results, no pre-procedural numbing, increased patient comfort – offering virtually painless treatments, better patient experiences, no post-procedural inflammation or erythema (redness), increased efficacy and unprecedented safety, as Neo has eliminated virtually all the inherent risks associated with traditional lasers.

The Aerolase Neo’s 650 Microsecond Technology® has reinvented and completely re-engineered Nd:YAG laser technology by advancing its versatility to new levels, which is why the Neo is able to treat a broad range of conditions typically performed by a range of lasers and with equal, but most often, better results. Best of all, NEO can perform treatments on all skin tones and types without the need for skin cooling.

Aerolase Neo Elite
Aerolase Neo Elite

Overview & Summary

  • For laser energy to be effective in aesthetic medicine, the energy must be capable of reaching the targeted structures. The 1064nm wavelength is uniquely capable of reaching the epidermal, dermal, and even sub-dermal / vascular targets in the skin.
  • But, unlike every predicate 1064nm wavelength laser, only the Aerolase Neo is uniquely absorbed by all three chromophores (targets) in the skin: hemoglobin, melanin, and water.
  • The Aerolase Neo’s 650 Microsecond Technology® enhances both efficacy, safety and versatility of the 1064nm wavelength.

650 Microsecond Technology® Overview

  • Why is Efficacy Higher with Neo? Typical Nd:YAG 1064nm lasers operate with longer pulse durations anywhere from 3 to 200 milliseconds, 50x’s longer than the “Thermal Relaxation Time” (burn threshold) of the skin, which is why patients have always associated lasers with pain, burning, and downtime. In reality, lasers possess no heat. It is only the absorption of the laser light by a given chromophore (the portion of an atom responsible for producing color within a given compound or anatomical structure) that produces its photo thermal effects.
  • The 650 Microsecond Technology® – exclusive to Aerolase – is a new technology where all necessary power settings from 4 J/cm2 to 255 J/cm2 can be delivered within a 650-microsecond pulse, in a variety of spot sizes, and at a repetition rate of up to 2.0 Hz.
  • 650-microseconds is below the “Thermal Relaxation Time” of the skin tissue, so the skin has time to cool itself between pulses, thus confining the heat in the selectively absorbed target for higher clinical efficacy, while preventing damage and inflammation to the surrounding skin.
  • The high-energy pulse is delivered to the target in such a short pulse duration the laser has less time to transfer heat, through conduction, to the skin surrounding the targeted chromophore, so the target reaches a higher temperature in far less time than traditional lasers, without burning the skin.
  • A higher temperature in the targeted tissue translates into greater target tissue destruction for higher efficacy.

Why is it Safer and More Comfortable?

  • The burn risk and pain inherent with traditional lasers treatments comes from overheating water, melanin, and blood in the skin when it is exposed to the laser energy passing through the epidermis into the target.
  • With the Aerolase Neo, epidermal exposure to laser energy is 50 times shorter than with the prior generation of long-pulsed lasers. Neo delivers 8 – 11X’s the fluence (energy) of any other aesthetic laser in under the “Thermal Relaxation Time” (burn threshold) of the skin.
  • Thermal over-stressing of the epidermis is therefore avoided, which reduces the risk of burns or unforeseen, adverse pigmentary changes.
  • Thermal over-stressing of the nerve endings in the dermis is also avoided, which makes treatment uniquely comfortable, providing better patient experiences.
  • Pretreatment topical numbing, external skin cooling, and gels, which patients may associate with previous generation lasers, are no longer needed, so the mess, cost, and pre-treatment prep is eliminated.
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